Press Release/Coverage

We are indebted to the many photographers, editors and social media outlets for the fantastic promotional platform they have afforded The Irish Minibike Championship to date and look forward with great excitement to building on those relationships we have been fortunate to forge.

A sample can be found below:

Thriving Minibike Championship Scene could unearth next Jonathan Rea - NEWSLETTER

Tarmac racing resumes after long wait - Irish Minibike Championship action at Nutts Corner - NEWSLETTER

Ulster Herald 15-10-2020

Tyrone Herald 09-11-2020

Ulster Herald 05-11-2020

Fingal Independent 27-10-2020

Fingal Independent

Fingal Independent 06-10-2020

Fingal Independent 01-12-2020

Newtownabbey Times 09-12-2020

Fingal Independent 15-12-2020

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