The IMC have catered for all ages; with Junior Classes ranging from 6 ~ 14 yrs, and Senior Classes 13+.

Any Rider aged 13 must have experience of Minibike Racing AND demonstrate sufficient ability to satisfy Officials of their suitability for competition with Senior Competitors.

The IMC have structured classes to provide what we believe is a forward-thinking Junior Rider Progression plan. We believe that the classes available will facilitate an appropriate path for progression for youth competitors of all abilities and age.

Junior Class Details:

Junior BamBam

BamBam ~ (age 6-10). Max Capacity 90cc. Entry Level. Controlled - 10TEN 90R Machines Only.

Junior Gearbox

Junior Gearbox ~ (age 7-14). Max Capacity 125cc. Pitbike style machine only.

Junior Elite

Junior Elite ~ (age 9-14). Max Capacity 140cc/50cc Metrakit or similar/MX 65cc.

Junior Mini GP

Junior MiniGP ~ (age 9-14). Any form of MiniGP style bike. See Classification.


Senior Class Details:

Senior Stock

Senior Stock ~140cc (age 13+). Any style of Pitbike.

Vets Stock

Vets Stock ~ 140cc (age 35+). Any style of Pitbike.

Senior Open

Senior Open ~ Max Capacity 190cc 4stroke (age 14+). Pitbikes, CRF150, and any 2-stroke 105cc. Bucci, Ohvale, Metrakit, Conti or similar chassis.

Senior Mini GP

Senior MiniGP ~ (age 13+). Any form of MiniGP style bike. See Classification.



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