2022 Class Regulations are detailed within the 2022 Rule Book. Compliance with Class and Machine Regulations are the sole responsibility of the competitor and/or their parent/guardian. A copy of the 2022 Rule Book and associated documents can be downloaded from the links found below:

2022 Irish Minibike Championship Rule Book - Amendment 2


Please note an update to the rule relating to the use of Gaskets

Gaskets - Open (all classes EXCLUDING the BAMBAM Class)

Additional information contained within The 2022 Rule Book includes:

  1. Gridding-up & Start Procedure
  2. Safety Sign-on and Inspection
  3. Championship Points & Trophies
  4. Safety Flags
  5. Red Flag Procedure
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Control of Exhaust Noise Levels
  8. Fire
  9. Protective Clothing
  10. Overnight Stays
  11. General Bike Compliance
  12. Terms and Conditions of Entry
  13. Membership & Entry Fees
  14. Irish Minibike Championship Youth Rules 2022
  15. Download Safeguarding Policy
  16. Download Code of Conduct for IMC Youth Competitors
  17. Download Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians
  18. IMC Constitution
  19. IMC COVID-19 Operational Plan (June 2020)
  21. GDPR Policy

Gridding-up & Start Procedure

• Riders must only join the circuit for their Warm-up lap when instructed to do so by the Pit Lane Marshal.
• Riders will be met by a Flag Marshall holding a RED FLAG at the front of the grid.
• Once the first Rider takes their position on the grid the pit lane entrance will be effectively closed. Riders who fail to take to the circuit before then will be made to start from the pit lane entrance when all riders on the grid have passed.
• All Riders must make themselves aware of their qualifying position and their place on the grid. In the absence of a numbered grid, Officials will lay out numbered cones where possible to the side of the grid to enable Riders to identify their grid spot.
• Should there be a dispute relating to grid positions, the involved Rider/Riders should attempt to attract the attention of the Grid Marshal by the raising of their hand. The Grid Marshall will assign Riders into the correct position as noted on their Qualification Timing Sheet before signaling all clear to the Flag Marshall.
• Once all riders are in the correct position the Grid Marshall will, if necessary, blow an air horn to signify that all parents/team members must clear the grid. The Grid Marshall will then signal the ALL CLEAR by the waving of a GREEN FLAG from the rear of the grid to the Flag Marshall situated at the front of the grid.
• The Flag Marshall will be positioned in the centre of the track at the front of the grid. Following the ALL-CLEAR signal, the Flag Marshall will raise the ’10 SEC’ sign high in the air and signal Riders’ attention to The Starter whilst moving to the edge of the track. Riders are then under Starters Orders.
• At a time of their choosing The Starter will raise the GREEN FLAG or ACTIVATE THE LIGHTS to signify the start of the race.

Stalling on the Grid

If a Rider stalls on the grid they must stay in position and hold their hand up high in the air. They must remain on the bike until all riders have passed before attempting to push the bike clear or push start it. All team members must stay clear of the grid until all the Riders have passed the stricken rider for their own and that of the other Riders’ safety.

Jump Start

If a jump start is reported by Officials, it will be investigated post-race/event (dependent on time available). If the rider is deemed to have gained an advantage, they will receive a min 10sec penalty.
Start-line camera - A Start-line Camera will be in operation in 2022 and penalties will be applied across all classes as per rules.

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Safety Sign-on and Inspection

Given the time constraints of both Officials and Competitors during events we would be grateful if everyone could familiarise themselves with the information included below:

ALL Riders must present to Race Control, together with their Machine (and
if requested - Race Kit), to the Safety Inspection Officers between 07:30hrs and 08:30hrs.

Helmets should be presented at least once a year, at any time when requested and after any crash damage.

If a rider is involved in an accident, all clothing and helmet should be presented along with machine for inspection.

Riders with more than one machine should present ALL alternatives to Safety Inspection.

On completion of satisfactory inspection all competitors will be issued with a marker which must be displayed on your machine. Failure to display the marker will result in your exclusion from entering the track.

If at any time during the event a machine is involved in an incident, Marshalls or Officials may, in the interest of safety, remove the marker. Competitors will then be required to re-present their machine to the Safety Inspection Officers for inspection who if satisfied will then issue the competitor with a new marker.

ALL Riders’ MUST attend the compulsory Rider’s Briefing. The Rider’s Briefing will, where possible, be held in Pitlane at 09.00hrs on the morning of the event.

Rider’s Briefing allows for vital safety, schedule changes or track relevant information to be conveyed by the COC to competitors.

Rider’s Briefing

ALL Riders’ must attend the compulsory Rider’s Briefing. The Rider’s Briefing will, where possible, be held in Pitlane at 09.00hrs on the morning of the event.
Rider’s Briefing allows for vital safety, schedule changes or track relevant information to be conveyed by the COC to competitors.

The ‘Spirit of the Class’ Rule

The IMC reserve the right to alter Classification Regulations at any time so as to disallow any product or machine modification that may on the face of it comply with current regulations but that would otherwise offer a significant advantage to the competitor. Any machine modification that is deemed by Officials to not be in line with the class ethos will be disallowed and their decision will be final.

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Championship Points & Trophies

In order to qualify for points ALL riders must be a member of THE IMC.

Points will be allocate as follows in all Championship Classes:

1st Place = 25

2nd Place = 20

3rd Place = 16

4th Place = 13

5th Place = 11

6th Place = 10

7th Place = 9

8th Place = 8

9th Place = 7

10th Place = 6

11th Place = 5

12th Place = 4

13th Place = 3

14th Place = 2

15th Place = 1

* Disqualification will result in 0 points.

In order to qualify for points in a race a rider must:

  • take the start (from either their allocated grid position or the pit lane entrance),
  • must pass the chequered flag, and
  • must have completed the race within 1 lap of the winner.

Trophies and Prizes

Trophies will be awarded at EACH Round for the Overall Winners in each class as follows:

  • Min. 5 Entries in a class = 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall
  • 3 to 5 Entries in a class = 1st Overall only.

In the event of a tie in overall points in a round, final results will be determined by the best place finish in the final race.

Youth Competitors:

  • The Top 3 placed will receive a trophy.
  • Each remaining competitor will receive a well deserved ‘Finisher Medal’.

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Safety Flags

ALL Competitors MUST be familiar with and adhere to flag signals indicated by Officials AT ALL TIMES or may incur a penalty at the discretion of Officials. Flags are used for the safety of all attendees.

Green - The track is clear - racing can commence.

Yellow with black X - Last Lap Flag - waved at the Finish Line to indicate that your next lap will be your last.

Chequered Flag - waved on the Finish Line at track level to indicate the end of the race or practice session.

Yellow - Static - proceed with caution. No overtaking. Waved - danger ahead. Extreme caution. Rider must be prepared to stop. No Overtaking.

Red - Race or practice is being interrupted. On instructions from the COC Red Flags will be displayed around the circuit. Riders’ must come to a safe stop and proceed as instructed by the Marshals.

Black - Disqualification - will be displayed motionless together with the Rider’s No. The rider must return to the pits at the end of the current lap and report to Officials. Possible cause - passing under a yellow flag, cutting the track, dangerous manoeuvre.

Blue - Faster Rider Approaching - indicates you are about to be passed by a faster rider, be aware and do not intentionally block their progress.

Yellow & Red Striped - Slippery surface - Rain, Oil or other substance is affecting adhesion at the indicated
section of the track.

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Red Flag Procedure

If a RED FLAG INCIDENT is declared during a race, the following procedure will apply:

  1. If less than 3 laps have been completed then the race will be restarted from the original qualifying positions and will run the race distance less 3 laps.
  2. If more than 3 laps, but less than 2/3rds race distance has been completed then the race will be restarted from race positions from the finish of the lap before the flag was issued and will run race distance less 3 laps.
  3. If more than 2/3rds race distance has been completed the race will be deemed finished and the positions taken from the crossing of the line before the flag was issued.
  4. If a red flag incident is declared and the rider deemed responsible for the Red Flag Incident cannot be determined until after the race, ALL riders will be allowed to take their place on the grid and complete the race. If after investigation, referencing available camera footage and observations by officials, any competitor that is deemed to have caused a Red Flag Incident will be excluded from that race and will not be eligible for points.

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Code of Conduct

The IMC is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members.
The club believes that it is important that members and those associated with it should, always, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.
Members are always encouraged to be open and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with the IMC Team. The Team endeavor to make themselves available at all times, however, this may not always be possible during the course of an event. If they feel that an issue needs immediate attention competitors should contact Rider Liaison David Clint. Alternatively, all concerns may be presented to Junior Rider Liaison (Lesley Stott/Michelle Sherman-Boyd) or the Senior Rider Liaison (Krystle Black) at the close of the event.
Any minor misdemeanors and general misbehavior will be dealt with immediately and reported to the designated person. Serious or persistent breach of the code will result in disciplinary action and could lead to dismissal from the club.
Dismissals can be appealed with final decisions taken by the club committee.

• Infringement of Rules will be Penalised by the issuing of a time penalty, disqualification, or withdrawal of Championship points.
• Riders MUST obey Flag Signals, Light Signals, and Notice Boards which convey instructions
• Riders must ride in a responsible manner which does not cause danger to other competitors or participants, either on the track or in the pit-lane.
• Riders should use ONLY the track and the pit-lane. If a Rider accidentally leaves the track, then they may re-join it at the place indicated by the marshals or at a place which does not provide an advantage to them. Any position or advantage gained must be given back by allowing the following Rider/s back through when safe to do so.
• Any repairs or adjustments along the track must be made by the Rider working alone with no outside assistance.
• To qualify for points in a race a Rider must take the start (from either their grid position or the pit lane entrance), must take the chequered flag, must have completed at least 2/3rds race distance and finish under power.
• If the Rider intends to retire, then they must park the motorcycle in a safe area as indicated by the marshals.
• If the rider encounters a problem with the machine which will result in their retirement from the practice or the race, then they should not attempt to tour at reduced speed to the pits but should pull off the track and park their machine in a safe place as indicated by the marshals. If possible, they can ride the machine back to the pits on the cool down lap after the last rider has taken the chequered flag.
• Riders are not permitted to ‘coast’ during a race if a problem occurs with the machine. The Clerk of the Course may issue a Black Flag to the Rider if he/she feels they are becoming a danger to themselves and other riders.
• Entry to the pits during the race will be deemed as a retirement.
• Riders who stop their engines in the pits may be assisted to re-start their motorcycle by the mechanics.
• Riders are not allowed to transport another person on their machine or to be transported by another rider on his machine.
• Riders who fall from their machine and are treated by the track medic are not permitted to continue with the practice or race until passed fit by the Medical Officer and the machine, clothing and helmet re-inspected by technical control. New wrist bands/stickers will be issued for this purpose.
• Riders must not ride or push their motorcycles in the opposite direction of the circuit, either on the track or in the pit lane, unless doing so under the direction of an Official.
• The Code of Conduct extends to persons present in the paddock through association to competitors.
• Any associated persons with a rider who breach safety limits during practice or racing, including side-line coaching will have access to the circuit restricted immediately.
• Misuse of alcohol or illegal substances of any kind within the paddock will not be tolerated and will be considered a serious breach of the code of conduct.
• ALL machines are subject to random compliance checks at the discretion of Officials. Any infringement will result in withdrawal of all Championship Points to date (see Non-Compliance section).

Use of Members Forum
Members are reminded that the Members Forum is strictly for current IMC Members and/or in the case of Juniors, their parent/guardian. It is a closed group and therefore invites should not be sent to anyone other than a fellow member. Members are encouraged to use the forum to seek advice and ask any questions relevant to an IMC event. Members should not however use the forum to single out individuals, air any grievances, ridicule or cast accusations. All comments should be respectful, appropriate, and in keeping with the conduct of members as if at a live event. Simply, if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face – don’t put it on social media.

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Control of Exhaust Noise Levels

ALL the circuits at which we intend to hold events are under increasing pressure to minimise noise emissions and have been instructed by local councils to impose strict noise level restrictions. The reduction and control of noise emissions are in the interests of all as failure to do so will lead to the limitation or loss of available race circuits.

The Clerk of the Course will disqualify any competitor whose machine exceeds the maximum permitted sound level, or which in his/her opinion is deemed to be excessively loud.

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  • Smoking within the Pitlane area or on the circuit is strictly prohibited.
  • Each vehicle and/or awning in the Paddock should have a working 2Kg (minimum) dry powder fire extinguisher available for immediate use in the event of a paddock fire.
  • A fire extinguisher will be available at the front of the Pitlane/holding area and at all Marshall points.

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Protective Clothing

All elements of Protective Clothing listed below MUST be used by ALL competitors whilst on track.

HELMETS Full-Face Helmets ONLY. Double D-ring fastening ONLY. Must have the latest ACU gold sticker or marked to comply with ECE 22.05 (Euro equivalent). The helmet and visor must be in good condition and undamaged. If more than one helmet could or will be used during the event it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that both helmets comply with the conditions and are presented for morning safety inspection if requested. Please INSPECT YOUR HELMETS REGULARLY, especially after a fall – whilst the outer shell may look undamaged the inner, which absorbs the impact, may indicate otherwise. Always check the date of manufacture – helmets should be no more than 5 years old based on the manufacturer’s date stamp - please refer to the relevant Helmet Manufacturer guidelines for reference. Helmets will be inspected and riders will be issued with a stamp which must be displayed clearly on the helmet. It is the responsibility of riders to ensure that any new helmets are presented to the Scrutineering team prior to using during an event.

LEATHERS Must be in good condition with no holes. Zips and fastenings must work effectively and should be fitted with body armour and back protection. All fastenings should be done before entering the track.

BACK PROTECTOR A separate back protector must be worn by ALL riders.

CHEST PROTECTOR Highly recommended for all riders.

BOOTS All boots must offer good protection, be of acceptable condition and be without holes or splits.

GLOVES Gloves must be of good quality leather and fitted with adequate knuckle and wrist protection.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that all body piercing, studs, rings etc. are removed.
The mouth should be kept clear of anything likely to cause a blockage of the airway in the event of an incident, e.g. chewing gum.
Long hair MUST always be tucked inside the helmet/leathers.

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Overnight Stays

Overnight stays may be accommodated at the discretion of Circuit Owners. Competitors are asked to be mindful of the of the conditions below:


Generators must be turned off between 00.00am and 06.00am.


Race engines must not be started after 8.00pm and before 10.00am (Sunday Events).


Competitors are encouraged to complete a Track Walk between 07:30 and 08:45am on the morning of the event. Access to the circuit is restricted at all other times.


Please ensure your children are supervised and that you are aware of their whereabouts at all times.


Facilities are provided by the circuit for your convenience. Please be respectful of Track Owners and fellow competitors and ensure the facilities are left clean and serviceable after use.


Please make sure when vacating your camping/paddock area that you bag up all your waste and either place it in the bins provided or take it away with you. Please take with you any unwanted spares and tyres - they are NOT to be left at the circuit as we will be charged for disposing of them.


Abusive or Violent behaviour towards Riders, Officials, Marshalls, Spectators or members of the paddock will not be tolerated. We expect all members of our paddock to behave in a Sportsman-like and orderly manner. Failure to abide by this ethos will result in immediate exclusion of the offending individual.


Please remain within the Circuit Boundaries at all times.

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General Bike Compliance

Wheel Bearings

Checked for play at the axle and must be replaced if deemed necessary.


Spoked wheels to be checked for play due to loose spokes, and must be adjusted if deemed necessary.

Steering Head Bearings

Checked for play and must be adjusted if deemed necessary.

Steering Stops

Must be present and prevent any part of the rider from becoming trapped between the handlebars and the rest of the bike. Plastic bobbins as steering stops are acceptable.


Drilled Axles with Crash Bobbins firmly fitted. You can attach bobbins to the Fork Legs or the Swing Arm, but they must be fixed firmly in place and in a position that prevents the axles or any other metal part of the machine digging into the track surface in the event of a crash.

Kill Switch

All bikes must be fitted with a WORKING Kill Switch.

Hand Guards

Wrap around Hand Guards fitted to Supermoto style machines. No metal part of the Hand Guard or the bar ends may be capable of contacting the tarmac in the event of a crash. If your Hand Guards are not FULLY wrapped in nylon you will need to fit Nylon bar ends or in the event of no Hand Guards, nylon bar ends.

Rear Brake

ALL bikes must be fitted with a fully functioning Rear Brake.

Sump Plugs

All Bikes must be fitted with a drilled Sump Plug that must be lock wired in place.

Peg Sliders/Bobbins

All Supermoto style bikes must be fitted with either Foot peg Sliders or Bobbins.

Handle Bar Ends

All bikes must be fitted with nylon handle bar ends or bobbins.

Nylon Peg Ends

All Mini GP Style bikes must be fitted with Nylon Foot peg Ends.

Chain Guards

Rear chain guards are compulsory. Shark-fin type guards, below the swing arm, should be close enough to the rear sprocket to prevent injury. Front sprocket guards are advisable.

Overflow Pipes

All Overflow and Breather Pipes must end in a suitable transparent plastic container. A hard plastic transparent 150ml baby bottle is ideal. The container must be firmly attached to the frame of the bike and must be sealed. Separate Breather Bottles for engine and carburettor are recommended.

Oil Filler Caps

All bikes must be fitted with a drilled oil filler cap that must be lock-wired in place.

Brake & Clutch Levers

Must be complete with ball-ends. Thumb rear brake levers are exempt.

Catch Trays

All 4 stroke Supermoto Style bikes (including CRF) must be fitted with a Metal Catch Tray that can hold at least 1.3 times the oil capacity of the machine it is fitted to.

Race Numbers

Race Numbers should be clearly visible and be displayed on both the front number board and the side panels of the machine. Number must be as allocated with membership confirmation.

Sealed Belly Fairings

All Mini GP Style bikes must always have the bottom Belly Fairing in place, and this must have a sealed section capable of catching the oil contents of the engine should it leak.


All Machines must have adequately packed and baffled Exhausts to obtain an exhaust noise level of below 98db.


Transponder Hire is LIMITED. Competitors are encouraged to buy their own. Transponders must be fitted to the left-hand fork leg between yokes using a TAG HEURE LS2 Bracket. Brackets are available from The IMC or direct from TAG HEURE. Competitors are liable for any damage to or loss of Transponders. If you lose it – you must replace it or its value. The Transponder has a directional arrow clearly indicating is which direction the signal is sent – this must be pointing to the ground. If a rider does not record a time due to a fault with their personal Transponder or the positioning of an official Transponder they will be allocated a grid position at the back of the grid. In the case of a photo finish timing system results are final.

Side Stands

Must be removed.


Both front and rear must be working and must lock the relevant wheel when the bike is pushed forward. Working thumb rear brakes are acceptable – apart from BamBam class, where the rear brake must be foot-operated.

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Terms & Conditions of Entry

I Understand that by entering I hereby agree with the persons, organisations, Irish Minibikes Championship and Land Owners (hereafter called the organisers) that I am by this agreement entitled to participate in the Motorcycle meetings as held for 2021 on the terms and conditions set out in this document.

I also acknowledge and agree that ALL videos or photographs taken by me or a member of my team or associates remain the sole property of Irish Minibikes Championship and that permission should be sought from them before publication (except for personal use).

By entering I acknowledge that I have studied the Rules and Regulations for my class and the event in general and I agree to abide by these Rules and Regulations at all times.


I ACKNOWLEDGE that motor racing is dangerous and that by engaging in the sport and PARTICIPATING in events, I take and am exposed to certain risks and dangers and am under certain obligations as follows:

  • That I may be injured, physically, mentally or fatally.
  • That my machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed.
  • That other competitors may ride dangerously or with lack of skill.
  • That track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability.
  • That organisers, officials, landowners/track operators and any agents or representatives of those in charge of race meetings are frequently obliged to make decisions under pressure of time and/or events and that I agree to abide by these decisions.
  • That any policy of or in respect of my life or physical or mental health may be void.
  • That I have an obligation to myself and to others to compete safely and within the rules of that competition.
  • That I am not under the influence of intoxicating drink or drugs.
  • That I am medically fit to participate in this event/s.


By entering an event I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the organisers and each of them in the following manner:

  • That I participate in the meetings at my sole risk and responsibility.
  • That I accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed.
  • That I indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, landowners, the occupier, their servants and officials against any actions or claims or liability for any damage, loss or injury I/we may suffer arising in any way out of the event(s).


By entering my child for a Irish Minibike Championship event I hereby acknowledge:

  • That I/we have read the whole of this document and understand it.
  • That I/we consent to the rider participating in race meetings.
  • That I/we are aware of the risks, dangers and obligations.

In consideration of the applicant being accepted as a rider.

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Membership & Entry Fees

IMC Memberships will be valid from 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022.

Membership £40

Entry Fees £46
Additional Class £25
Transponder Hire £10
Late Entry Fee £10 (available for a limited time)

An Online Booking System will be used for all 2022 Events which will be available through the Online Members Portal.

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