How to Get Started with The IMC

Minibike Racing is one of the most affordable and accessible forms of Motorsport to get involved in. It attracts riders from all walks of life ~ from as young as 6 years of age to those that are most certainly very much still young at heart.

The IMC have catered for all ages; with Junior Classes ranging from 6 ~ 14 yrs, and Senior Classes 13+. Any Rider aged 13 must have experience of Minibike Racing AND complete a Progression Plan before being deemed eligible to compete in any Senior Class.

Junior Class Details:

  • Junior BamBam ~ (age 6-10) . Entry Level
  • Junior Pro ~ Air-cooled Minimoto (age 6-14) .
  • Junior Gearbox ~ Max Capacity 125cc (age 7-14), Max Capacity 140cc (9-14). - Includes Pitbike and MiniGP Style. All bikes Max 12” wheels.

Senior Class Details:

  • Senior Stock Pitbike ~140cc (age 13+). Any style of Pitbike.
  • Vets Stock Pitbike ~ 140cc (age 40+). Any style of Pitbike.
  • Senior Open Class ~ Max Capacity 190cc (age 14+). - Includes Pitbikes, CRF150, and any 2-stroke up to 85cc. All bikes must have 12” wheels.
  • Senior MiniGP/Moto 4 Class ~ Max Capacity 150cc (age 13+). Any form of MiniGP style bike.

Protective Clothing

In order to compete it is necessary to wear the correct Protective Equipment.

  • Full Leather Race Suit (2 piece is acceptable) or Leather/Textile Race Suit if in Minimoto Class.
  • A good quality helmet; BSI Kite or MCUI marked.
  • Motorcycle boots or ankle race boots if riding a Minimoto.
  • Leather gloves.

All Protective Clothing will be subject to checks at Scrutineering.

Whilst we advise buying new, the listed items can be found on eBay or various Social Media Group Pages
for reasonable cost.

A Race Licence is not required to compete with The IMC. We do however ask that all competitors take out a yearly membership subscription. Discounts will be made available for Family Memberships.

Download full rules & regulations

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