The aim of The Irish Minibike Championship is to provide all members, regardless of age, ability or ambition with cost effective and much sought after track time in a competitive yet family friendly environment. We are dedicated to making the Sport of MiniBike Racing inclusive, accessible and affordable to all and it is our hope to introduce many to this fun form of racing.

The IMC is a Championship organised by a team of 4 people who unanimously believe that competitors’ should have a say in how their Championship is run... RIDERS’ input is not only welcome but positively invited!

Mission Statement:

  • To provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for competitors to enjoy their sport in a safe and organised environment.
  • To promote racing on a level playing field where genuine talent is both recognised and encouraged.
  • To promote enjoyable, economical, and competitive racing to a wider audience and encourage participation from other areas of Motorsport.

The IMC will provide opportunity to it’s Riders’ to compete in a 8 Round Minibike Championship beginning March 30th 2019. The Championship Rounds will be held at various tracks, both north and south of the border. In addition we will also facilitate a 3 Round Stand Alone Championship later in the year.

Meet the Team


Mark Boyd



Matthew Patton

Vice Chairman & Senior Rider Liaison



Michelle Sherman-Boyd

Safeguarding Officer & Junior Rider Liaison


Krystle Black

Clerk of the Course & PR Officer