Event Registration – Marshalls, Medics & Press


By submitting this form I declare that:

I am not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not knowingly been in contact with anyone showing symptoms within the last 14 days. If after submitting this form I do knowingly come into contact with someone with or having symptoms of COVID-19 or I start to exhibit symptoms I will immediately withdraw from the event. Should I become ill or exhibit symptoms during the event I shall withdraw and notify Officials immediately identifying those whom I have come into contact with at the event.

For the purposes of ‘Contact Tracing’ all persons present on site must be registered. This includes Mechanics and Parents/Guardians.

I agree to abide by all Government, Circuit Management, and Irish Minibike Championship requirements imposed in respect of COVID-19.

PRESS: Special Notes 

All Media personnel are required to wear the required attire, namely High Visibility Vests/Jackets at a minimum. Motorsport is dangerous and as such, awareness of your surroundings, unsafe ground and moving around while the track is live are key factors to ensuring your safety.

Whilst attending events organised by The IMC all media are required to comply with all reasonable requests from the organisers, Marshalls and Track Management Team.

The IMC would appreciate when posting to Websites and Social Media the branding of your photographs with The IMC Logo. Ownership and Copyright will remain with you – we do however ask permission to use your images for our marketing material.


I accept that competition in motorsport may involve the risk of injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk. Furthermore, I agree not to hold members or officials of Irish Minibike Championship Club responsible for any injury, loss or damage.

I confirm that I understand the nature of the competition I am entering and I am competent to take part.

I will satisfy myself before taking part that the venue and track is acceptable to me with regard to its features and physical layout.

I will not take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue.

Before taking part in the event I will read and be bound by and comply with any regulations and final instructions issued by the organisers, and the circuit owners.

I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.