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Irish Minibike Championship Launched

May I begin by introducing ourselves, We are a new club, “Irish Minibike Championship” (referred to as The IMC) .Recently formed with view to making the Sport of MiniBike Racing inclusive, accessible and affordable to all, and it is our hope to introduce many to this fun form of racing.

We hope that in the coming future, you, as a media platform, can help us promote this fast growing sport, which has already brought us some of to-days top short circuit and road race stars, such as Lee Johnston (Honda Motor Europe rider for 2018 alongside Ian Hutchinson), Adam McLean (Best Newcomer at Isle of Man TT last year), Korie McCreevey (rider with most wins in 2017 Irish 600 Supersport championship), BJ Toal (former British Virgin R6 Cup Champion), but to name a few.

This year, the club have already organized a Five round Championship, and a three round “ IMC Snowflake Showdown Championship” which will take place during  October and November.

Over the forthcoming weeks, the club will bring you more exciting news.

Irish Minibike Championship – Press Release Jan 2018

The aim of The Irish Minibike Championship (referred to as The IMC) is to provide all members, regardless of age, ability or ambition with cost effective and much sought after track time in a competitive yet family friendly environment. The IMC are dedicated to making the Sport of MiniBike Racing inclusive, accessible and affordable to all and it is our hope to introduce many to this fun form of racing.

The IMC is a Championship organised by a team who unanimously believe that competitors’ should have a say in how their Championship is run...  RIDERS’ input is not only welcome but positively invited!

Mission Statement:

  • To provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for competitors to enjoy their sport in a safe and organised environment.
  • To promote racing on a level playing field where genuine talent is both recognised and encouraged.
  • To promote enjoyable, economical, and competitive racing to a wider audience and encourage participation from other areas of Motorsport.

The IMC will provide opportunity to it’s Riders’ to compete in a 5 Round Minibike Championship beginning March 24th 2018. The Championship Rounds will be held at various tracks, both north and south of the border.

In addition The IMC will also facilitate a 3 Round Stand Alone Championship during October and November taking place at different tracks in the north.

Minibike Racing is one of the most affordable and accessible forms of Motorsport to get involved in. It attracts riders from all walks of life ~ from as young as 5 years of age to those that are most certainly very much still young at heart.

The IMC have catered for all ages; with Junior Classes (5 ~ 14yrs) including Minimoto and Junior Gearbox Classes – in which Junior Riders’ can compete on Pitbike and MiniGP Style machines with 4 stroke engine capacities up to 140cc.

Senior Classes 13+, which includes a Vets Class (40+), cater for Stock Pitbikes (140cc), an Open Class (*14+) (Max 190cc) including CRF150 and any 2-stroke up to 85cc, and a MiniGP/Moto4 catering for any form of Mini GP style bike with a Max capacity of 150cc.

The IMC hope that whilst the Championship is geared towards a wider audience, that it can, in some form, become a route for Youth Riders’ who aspire  to the ‘Black Stuff’ on reaching the required minimum age that perhaps was not in place before.  It is hoped that it will provide them with a platform in which to achieve that goal.

Committee Members:

Krystle Black - Clerk of Course & PR Officer

Michelle Sherman-Boyd - Treasurer & Safeguarding Officer

Matthew Patton - Vice Chairman & Senior Rider Liaison

Mark Boyd - Chairman

Thank You for taking the time to read our Press Release. If you require any further information, you can contact;

Krystle Black;

Michelle Sherman Boyd;

Matthew Patton;

Photos Caption

Competitors looking forward to the 2018 IrishminibikeChampionship, from left to right ;

Matthew McCord, Jack Ferris,- Issac Mark, Beau McCrory, Buster & Ruben Sherman-Boyd,Korie McGreevey, Front runner in Irish 600 Supersport championship, began his career in minimotos.

Photograph by Maurice Montgomery, Pacemaker Press.

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