2021 Membership Application

2021 Membership Fees

Junior Membership £30

Senior Membership £35

Family Membership £80

(Family Members capped at 4)


Please make Payment via Online Bank Transfer:

Account Number 20430311

Sort Code 09-01-29

Please use your Name as a Reference.

Declaration & Acknowledgements

Please read all the following statements:
• I understand that if I have given any false information in this application you may take disciplinary action against me. This might include my licence being permanently withdrawn.
• I will read and comply with the Code of Conduct and the Regulations of the IMC.
• I understand that the IMC will collect and retain my personal information in accordance with their Privacy and Retention Policies.

• I understand that details of any injuries I may sustain at this event will be passed to the medics and Clerk of Course or incident officer of the event and also to my relatives if appropriate. The medics may also give information to other persons, according to their own professional ethical code.

Acknowledgement of the risks of motorsport:

Motorsport is an extremely dangerous activity. It is important that all competitors think very carefully about the risks they are undertaking whenever they compete. It must be recognised by all competitors that there will be accidents and that a number of competitors may die, whilst others may be permanently disabled or sustain serious injuries and it could be you. All competitors must appreciate that they participate in motorsport entirely at their own risk. One of the main risks in motorsport is speed. Situations which would not give rise to major danger at low speed can have extremely serious consequences at high speed and in a competitive environment. While the organisers will do their reasonable best to make the event as safe as possible, there will inevitably be occasions when mistakes are made. It must, however, be recognised by all competitors that where an accident occurs in such circumstances, any fault on the part of the organisers will not be the principal cause of any serious injury sustained. The dominant cause of any serious injury will be the fact that the accident happened at speed in a competitive environment. The risk of accidents is one of the inherent risks involved in motorsport and every competitor must consent to this. The IMC is not prepared to accept personal injury claims other than those covered under the Personal Accident Policy brought by competitors who have willingly participated in what they know to be a dangerous sport. Any claims will be vigorously defended, and this form will be used as evidence of the competitor’s acknowledgement of the risks inherent in motorsport and that the dominant cause of any serious injury will be his/her voluntary decision to engage in competitive sport rather than any alleged negligence by the IMC or any other party involved in staging the event.


I have read and understood this form. I understand that by taking part in motorsport I am exposing myself to a risk of death, becoming permanently disabled or suffering some other very serious injury. I acknowledge that even in the event that negligence on the part of the IMC, any other governing body, any race organiser, any circuit owner, or any individual who is employed by or carries out duties on behalf of any of these entities, were to be a contributory cause of any serious injury I may suffer, the dominant cause of any serious injury will always be my voluntary decision to take part in a high risk activity. I accept that insurance arranged on my behalf by the organisers of events that I may enter specifically excludes liability between the participants. I understand that this form may be used in litigation as evidence that any serious injury will be principally the result of my voluntary decision to engage in a high-risk activity. I acknowledge that my participation in motorsport is entirely at my own risk.

All competitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied to each event by their Parent or Person with Parental Responsibility. The Parent or Person with Parental Responsibility must attend signing on and be present for the duration of the event.

Declaration in respect of minors under the age of 18:

I have read and understood the “Acknowledgement of the risks of motorsport” which appears above. I appreciate the dangers inherent in motorsport which include the risk of death or permanent disablement. The minor does not suffer from any physical, medical or mental disability which would make it unsafe for him/her to participate as a competitor. I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure that the minor and I have read and understood the Code of Conduct of the IMC, Regulations, Supplementary Regulations and Final Instructions subsequently issued and Entry Forms and that he/she will comply with them. I accept that photographs or video footage may be taken of my child by officials dealing with safety issues or accident investigations. Photographs may also be taken for promotional purposes and may appear on the IMC website or in IMC publications and Social Media posts. To the best of my knowledge and belief the minor possesses the standard of competence necessary for events of the type to which his/her entries relate and that the machines entered will be suitable, safe and will comply with the Regulations for those events.

A copy of The 2021 IMC Rule Book and Codes of Conduct are available on The IMC Website – please familiarise yourself with the regulations contained within and print off a copy for reference. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure compliance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of The IMC 2021 Championship and wish you a successful 2020 season.


It is your responsibility to complete the form accurately and with honesty. Failure to disclose medical information which may affect your ability to compete and which may otherwise impact on the medical treatment you receive trackside will result in the revoking of your Membership. Should your circumstances change during the 2021 season please update officials immediately. All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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